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Solar Rooftop Power Generation

  • Solar Rooftop Installation for Home, Farm House , Bungalow .
  • Solar Rooftop Installation for Commercial.
  • Solar Rooftop Installation for Schools.
  • Solar Rooftop Installation for Hospitals.
  • Solar Rooftop Installation for Collage.
  • Solar Rooftop Installation for Fuel Station & EV Charging Stop.

Solar Integrated Street Light

  • All in One Street Light.
  • Customize Street Light.
  • Solar Security Light.


  • Max Power : 12W to 100W.
  • Life Time : 25 Year (Solar Panel ).
  • Battery : Lion/ Po4 ; Life Time : 6 Years.
  • LED Lamp : Bright lux With High Brightness.
  • LED Lamp Life: 50000hrs, Lumen- 960 To 12000.
  • Charge time : By Good Sunshine – 6 to 7 hrs.
  • Working Time : Min 6hrs To Max 12hrs .
  • Mounting Height : 3m to 14m.
  • Lamp Material : Aluminum Alloy.
  • Warranty Period : 1yr

Solar Security Light.

Security lighting can be used in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and military settings. Some examples of security lighting include floodlights and low pressure sodium vapor lights. Most lights intended to be left on all night are high-intensity discharge lamps as these have good energy efficiency, thus reducing the cost of running a lamp for such long periods.

A disadvantage of low pressure sodium lamps is that the colour is pure yellow, so the illuminated scene is seen without any colour differentiation. Consequently, high pressure sodium vapour lamps (which are still yellowish, but closer to golden white) are also used, at the cost of greater running expenses and increased light pollution. High pressure sodium lamps also take slightly longer to restart after a power interruption.

Other lights may be activated by sensors such as passive infrared sensors (PIRs), turning on only when a person (or other mammal) approaches. PIR activated lamps will usually be incandescent bulbs so that they can activate instantly; energy saving is less important since they will not be on all the time. PIR sensor activation can increase both the deterrent effect (since the intruder knows that he has been detected) and the detection effect (since a person will be attracted to the sudden increase in light). Some PIR units can be set up to sound a chime as well as turn on the light. Most modern units have a photocell so that they only turn on when it is dark.